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Clara Munoz

Family Coach

Office: (209) 478-4554 ext 1005

Mobile: (209) 905-9585

Growing up in an unhealthy community I've see my fair share of dysfunctional homes that could have been helped if only someone could have brought resources to the community. As an adult I made a decision to join Parents by Choice to be that person who brings resources to communities in need. Before, Parents by Choice I was a tutor and an insurance agent, although I was really good at it, My heart was not being fulfilled. I knew my purpose was much bigger and I was willing to do anything to help my community. Teaching parenting class not only benefits the parents but also the children. I have always said "children are the future", by helping parents improve their parenting skills we are ultimately improving our future generations. Helping families in supervise visits or teaching a parenting class, fills me with joy to me because I know families will experience a positive change. I am honored to work with such a caring and helpful staff at Parents by Choice.

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