Clara Munoz

Positive Parenting Program Manager

Office: (209) 478-4554 ext 1005

My personal mission is to empower people to create a better version of themselves. San Joaquin County has seasoned me to understand that there is an exciting challenge in meeting the community's needs and allocating resources efficiently. I made a decision to join Parents by Choice to become a beacon of resources to our clients. I come across many parents who take our classes in hopes of seeing a change in their child or co-parent, to their surprise they leave with empowering tools that help them see that the only way to see change, is by starting within. Children are our future,  we as a society must come together not only to help children but to also to help those caring for the children. Leading by example is key to becoming the catalyst of a healthier life. My role at Parents by choice helps me teach positive alternatives to the stress of managing and leading a family. As the program manager of Triple P, I attest that our team strives to see every client graduate. 

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