Lee Robinson

I became a board member because a person who I respected, Tony Yadon, asked me to join the board.  He said he needed breathing bodies that would show up when there was a board meeting.  Absolute truth.  And since at the time I could fog a mirror, I said yes.  
However, since being a board member, I've seen kids, young adults who are looking for someone to show interest in them and  acknowledge them for who they are, not for what they have or haven't done, have or haven't been.    
I also see staff who show up day in and day out committed to their responsibilities.  Hoping to make a difference even when those they help return to making wrong choices.  They keep on keeping on I guess because they have a heart for what they do.  Caliber people.
So going from a breathing person on a board to becoming involved with the life and heart of PBC has been an interesting experience for me.

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