Shannon Storrs

Accounting Manager

Office: (209) 478-4554 ext 1060

It’s not every day you're asked your “Why”… Why Accounting?

I’m pretty sure not many people during their adolescent years think, “I want to be an Accountant one day”. It definitely wasn’t in my future plans. I wanted to be an event planner. I love to host, whether it's dinner parties, birthdays, holidays, or football Sundays. I enjoy decorating and bringing people together. I love seeing other people smile.

While in college I fell into Accounting. If you are an entrepreneur, or ever want to become one, accounting is the best business degree to pursue. Business is about making more money than you spend. Accounting is about tracking those numbers. Having a degree in accounting can translate into every facet of business. So, if you ever did want to go in sales, marketing or even open your own business, having a background in accounting helps you develop your overall business acumen. I’d say most accounting professionals are bottom line thinkers, at the end of the day it’s black and white. Being part of the PbC team brings C  O  L O R my numbers, and it feels great knowing I’m involved with a team that does whatever it takes to enhance the lives of our youth and the families we serve. 

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