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Stockton Location

2529 West March Lane, Suite 205 Stockton, CA 95207
What is the Positive Parenting Program?

Through our Positive Parenting Program(Triple P), Parents by Choice offers parenting groups designed to reduce stress and improve the atmosphere of your home at no cost. Triple P doesn't tell adults how to parent. Rather, it introduces simple and practical strategies parents can adopt to suit their own values, beliefs and needs. In this program, you will learn skills and techniques that you can put into practice right away!

We offer a variety of groups for parents(young children, teens and co-parenting families). Please see the list below for more information about the different groups. Each of our groups are relaxed and casual, and will help you build on the skills and knowledge you already have. 

  • It all starts with a call or click here.
  • Our groups are offered at various locations in Stockton and Manteca.
  • Childcare for children 1 - 10 years old is provided at most groups. Please contact us to verify that the class you want has childcare.
  • Our approach is non-judgmental and supportive. We are here to help you!
  • The information in the Positive Parenting Program is evidence-based, which means it has been used with a variety of families and has been proven to work. 
Classes are also offered in Spanish!

Triple P Groups Offered

Group Triple P - Parents of Children ages 0-12

Parents or caregivers who benefit from Group Triple P are those who have concerns about their child’s mild to moderate level of behavioral problems or simply wish to prevent behavior problems from developing. They usually want to learn a variety of parenting skills to apply to multiple contexts. Parents need to be able to commit to the entire six sessions.

Parents of Teenagers

Parents of Teenagers is a parenting intervention delivered over six sessions for parents of teenagers who are interested in learning a variety of parenting skills. Parents may be interested in promoting their teenagers development and potential or they may have concerns about their teen’s behavior.


Parents who benefit from this group are those who have or are going through separation and divorce where there are unresolved conflicts and difficulties communicating effectively with former partners. Parents may be concerned that the separation or divorce is upsetting the children or they may want to learn ways to talk to their children about it and teach them ways to cope.


Pathways Triple P has been developed as an intensive intervention program for parents who have completed a Positive Parenting group and are still in need of training and support.This program provides parents with support to learn new parenting skills and stress management techniques that will assist in improvement and/or maintenance of positive parenting skills.

Stepping Stones

For Parents of pre-adolscent children with intellectual or physical disabilities and disruptive behavior.

My 10 year-old son told me: 'Dad, you've changed a lot!  You are much calmer than before.  Can Mom take that class, too?