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Supervised Visits and Safe Exchanges are designed to ensure that a child can have contact with an absent parent in a safe, conflict-free environment.  These programs are tools that can help families negotiate difficult and/or transitional times.  They are designed to promote fair and respectful treatment of all persons involved. 

We recognize that each family has unique needs and present unique risks, and will conduct an orientation and screening prior to scheduling a supervised visit or safe exchange.  We reserve the right to refuse service and reject any case we cannot safely supervise, and will notify the family and referral source of the rejection and the reason why the case cannot be served.

Supervised Visitation:

Sometimes a family situation requires visits with parents to be supervised. In these cases, Parents by Choice offers a warm, welcoming and safe environment where parents can maintain a connection with their children. Our supervised visitation program provides an unbiased, child-friendly venue for families. Visit rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture, games and toys for parents to use to strengthen the bond with their children. 

Safe Exchanges:

Parents by Choice also offers a neutral location for parents to exchange custody of their children. We provide an exchange point, supervised by a trained professional.  Safe exchanges are designed to consider the child's needs first, while maintaining a safe and unbiased environment for all members of the family.

How do I begin?

  • Call our office (209) 478-4554 or click here
  • Schedule an Individual Orientation (takes approximately 60 mins)
  • Our staff will contact you once the other party completes the Orientation to schedule your first visit or safe exchange.
What hours are available?

We supervise visits and provide safe exchanges Monday through Friday starting at 8:00 am and ending at 7:30 pm, and Saturdays starting at 8:00 am and ending at 3:30 pm. 

Calls to Supervised Visitation Monitors should be made Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, due to supervising visits throughout the afternoon and evening.

How much does this service cost?

The Initial Individual Orientation

  • $35 Safe Exchange (per individual)
  • $50 Supervised Visitation (per individual)


  • $30 Safe Exchange (per exchange)
  • $80 per hour Supervised Visitations


  • $40 Safe Exchange (per exchange)
  • $100 per hour Supervised Visitations

Other Services:

  • $30 Cancellation/No Show fee (if less than 24 hour notice of scheduled visit)
  • $40 Case Note Copy Request (allow 3 business days to process request)

Discounted Rates: Visiting parents can receive a discount of $5 per hour by participating in our Positive Parenting Program

Do you provide Therapeutic Visitations?

Unfortunately, we do not provide Therapeutic Visitations at this time. 

First coming to Parents by Choice....I was nervous and apprehensive about not knowing what to expect. Wondering how my life had turned into one where I'm only allowed supervised time with my son. However, in meeting Clara and taking the Positive Parenting Class, this has become a positive learning experience.
Supervised Visitation Staff         

Our Visitation Rooms

Supervised Visitation Rooms